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The Guess Work Is Gone....The Wine Concierge is pleased to present an extensive listing of food and wine pairings for your consideration. Just select a particular food to see what wines Michael recommends as the perfect complement. Please remember, Michael will never suggest a wine that he has not personally tasted!

A perfect pairing makes your occasion a success.

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 Asian Food
 Baked Sea Bass
 Barbecued ribs
 Barbecued scallops
 Barbecued venison
 Beef Bourgogne
 Beef in red wine
 Beef kabobs
 Beef Stew
 Beef Stroganoff
 Beef tenderloin
 Beef Wellington
 Blackened Fish
 braised chicken
 Braised chicken with green beans
 Braised Lamb
 Braised rabbit
 Braised turbot
 Broiled trout
 Caprese salad
 Chef Salad
 Chicken Caciatore
 Chicken Cordon Bleu
 Chicken Florentine
 Chicken garden salad
 Chicken in white sauce
 Chicken liver
 Chicken noodle soup
 Chicken Picatta
 Chicken pot pie
 Chicken Salad
 Chocolate Casserole
 Chocolate tart
 Chocolate, all forms
 Chow fun
 Cod fish
 cold cuts
 Cold duck with mango
 Cold Thai noodles
 Coq au vin
 Coquille St Jacques
 Corned beef
 Cornish Hens
 Crab cakes
 Crab cakes with lime remoulade
 Crab legs
 Crab Stew
 creamy risotto
 Crown Roast
 Cuban pork
 Cucumber soup
 Curried Chicken
 Dim sum
 Dover sole
 Duck a l'Orange
 Duck breast with black currants
 Egg salad
 Eggplant Parmigiana
 Eggplant Rollatini
 Filet Mignon
 Filet with blue cheese
 Fileted Pork chop
 Fish in brown butter sauce
 fish stew
 Flavored cous cous
 Flounder Francaise
 Foie Gras
 Fruit tart
 game casseroles
 Game hens
 Game pie
 Garlicky Fish
 Garlicky stews
 Goat cheese salads
 Goat cheese tart
 Grilled asparagus
 Grilled Chicken
 Grilled chicken breast
 Grilled duck breast
 Grilled Fish
 Grilled Halibut
 Grilled monkfish
 Grilled Pork Loin
 Grilled prawns
 Grilled red snapper
 Grilled Salmon
 Grilled sausage and peppers
 Grilled steak
 Grilled swordfish
 Grilled vegetables
 Grouper Francaise
 Guinea Hen
 Halibut with mushrooms
 Ice cream
 Irish stew
 John Dory
 Lamb Chops
 Lamb chops with rosemary
 Lamb kabobs
 Lamb Shanks
 Lamb Stew
 Leg of Lamb
 Lemon chicken
 Linguini with clams
 Liver and onions
 Lobster beurre blanc
 Lobster bisque
 Lobster over rice
 Lobster Thermidor
 Loin of goat
 Loin of veal
 Marinated skirt steak
 Meat lasagna
 Meaty casserols
 Mole verde
 Mushroom rissotto
 mushroom stew
 Mussels in hot sauce
 Osso Bucco
 Ostrich with ligonberry
 Oxtail Stew
 Oxtail stew
 Oysters Rockfeller
 Pan fried cod with lemon juice
 Pan Seared Tilapia
 Pasta Alfredo
 Pasta Arabbiata
 Pasta Bolognese
 Pasta primavera
 Pasta Salad
 Pasta with clams
 Pasta with mussels
 Pasta with pesto
 Pasta with red sauce
 Pasta with rustica sauce
 Pasta with white sauce
 Peking Duck
 Penne arrabbiatta
 Pepper steak
 Poached pears with vanilla ice cream
 Pork Chops
 Pork chops and sausage
 Pork Loin
 Pork loin
 Pork Medallions
 Pork Tenderloin
 Pork with juniper
 Pot au feu
 Pot Roast
 Prime Rib
 Quiche Lorraine
 Rabbit Stew
 Rack of Lamb
 Rack of Veal
 Red Snapper
 Rib Roast
 Roast Beef
 Roast chicken
 Roast duck
 Roast leg of lamb
 Roast Pork
 Roast pork with cashews
 Roast turkey
 Roasted Boar
 Roasted Chicken
 Roasted Duck
 Roasted game hen
 Roasted Lamb
 Roasted Pork loin
 Roasted quail
 Roasted squab
 Rosemary beef skewars
 Rosemary chicken
 Salad Nicoise
 Salmon Croquettes
 Sausage and peppers
 Sausage on the grill
 Sauteed black fish
 Sauteed ham
 Sauteed mushrooms
 Scrambled Eggs
 Sea bass
 Sea Bass Beure Blanc
 Seared Sea Bass
 Shellfish pasta
 Shepherds Pie
 Shrimp salad
 Shrimp with pasta
 Skirt steak
 Smoked beef
 Smoked Ham
 Smoked Salmon
 Smoked Turkey
 Soft shell crabs
 Spicy foods
 Spinach Canneloni
 Standing rib roast
 Steak and Kidney pie
 Steak au pouve
 Steak with Bernaise
 Steak with mushroom
 Steak with mushrooms
 Stone Crab
 Stuffed Chicken Breast
 Stuffed Chicken Breast
 Stuffed Gnocchi
 Sun dried tomates with mushrooms
 T bone
 T Bone steak
 Thai food
 Thai Food
 Trout almondine
 Veal chop Milanese
 Veal chop with wild mushroom
 Veal Chops
 Veal Francaise
 Veal in white sauce
 Veal Loin
 Veal Marsala
 Veal Milanese
 Veal Parmesian
 Veal Picatta
 Veal Saltimbocca
 Veal shanks
 Veal stew
 Veal tortollini
 Vegetable terrine
 Welsh rarebit
 White fish beurre blanc
 White pizza
 White risotto
 Wild Boar
 Wild mushrooms
 Zucchini casserole
 Zuppe di pesce
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